Exploring MERN Stack: Introduction, Parts, Importance, and Applications

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MERN- Foreword

MERN is used to develop to build dynamic and Robust Web Applications. It is following the traditional architectural pattern of three tiers that are the frontend, the backend, and the database. It is a user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework. Four main technologies make up the MERN stack.

  • MongoDB- Used for preparation of document database and it is a NoSQL Database System
  • Express- Used for developing Node.js web framework
  • React- Used for developing client-side JavaScript framework.
  • NodesJS- Used for developing the premier JavaScript web server

It is an ideal choice for cases that are JSON-heavy, cloud-native and have dynamic web interfaces. Examples — Workflow management, news aggregation, to-do apps and calendars, interactive forums, etc.

Parts of MERN


It is an open-source NoSQL database that can process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. It uses a non-relational, document-oriented data model and a non-structured query language. It is very flexible and gives you the ability to store and handle large amounts of data in comparison to traditional relational databases.

It is a document database that stores data in JSON format type called BSON. The documents are the records stored and the field value may include numbers, strings, booleans, or nested documents.


It is part of the backend component of MERN. It is a Nodes.js framework in which code writing for back-end code is easy. It is robust, efficient, asynchronous, and single-threaded.

It helps in designing web applications and APIs as well as supports many middlewares that make code writing short and easy.


React.js is open source JavaScript framework and library developed by Facebook. It does not use many codes to develop interactive user interfaces and web applications. It provides an organized and structured process for developing user interfaces with reusable components. These components consist of individual pieces of a final interface that form the application’s user interface after assembly.

It is easy to use because it gives the developers the freedom to set conventions that they require and can implement it however they want. React can be used to create a single button, a few parts of the interface, or an entire app’s interface.

Companies using React are Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, discord, WhatsApp web, etc.


It is an open-source JavaScript Runtime Environment that allows the user to run their code on the server. It follows a single-threaded model, had high scalability, and has a fast code execution.

Why is MERN important?

There are a variety of reasons that justifies MERN as one of the most popular stacks in the technological world.

It has the most popular library React which is an essential tool for web developers because it simplifies the building and management of application user interface and improves site performance.

React is based on single page application (SPA) which includes access to a web page from a single web page. User can avoid loading a new web page with each action which give user a satisfactory experience.

Everything is written in one language which makes MERN not only fast but also easy to switch between client and server.

All the technological parts in MERN are open source which allows a developer to get solutions from the open portals available. This is extremely beneficial for the developers.

MERN uses REST API which acts as a middleware and is reusable in every application. It allows you to connect applications to each other. The APIs are based on HTTP and close web communication styles which is a huge advantage for MERN.

REST APIs allows the developers to freedom of developing new front-ends and applications that can be linked to the system very easily.

Where is MERN used?

MERN is important for development of frontend and backend to create impressive and influential web applications. Some of the giant cooperations of the world use MERN stack to develop their web apps.


It is world famous for professional connections. It helps people in finding job opportunities and helping companies grow by enhancing recruitment. It uses MERN Stack Development since it shifted to Nodes.js in 2011 for better optimization of their app. It also minimised the server resources which made the app 20 times faster.


It has a built in user interface based on Nodes.js and is much preferred by its developers because of its modular framework. As a result, Netflix’s speed increased by two times.


It is the US government space agency that uses Nodes.js and used its features MicroServices. NASA developers focused upon developing an app using a collection of small services. It enabled NASA to endorse cloud based solution and take their organization to the cloud.


MERN stack is the most popular technology stack preferred by developers because it provides a variety of opportunities and features for them to use for web application development. Modularity is the biggest advantage because of its flexibility and ability to build a custom solution.



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