The Evolution and Importance of Web Application Development

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Web application development began shortly after the introduction of the internet. When the web apps were created at the beginning, they were static. Over time, audio, videos, and images were added. With the advent of Ajax into the web world in 2005, developers were able to build a faster, more interactive, and improved website.

Microsoft Office, Facebook, and Basecamp are examples of web app development. These programs and suites are interactive, integrated with advanced features and tools, and are easy to use as web apps and native mobile apps. As part of the development process, these apps are hosted by a third party on servers, and server-side and client-side programming is used. With the use of programming and other unique technologies, developers can develop applications that can be accessed through the internet without the need of downloading every single time.

The Intricate Process of App Development

The entire process that is involved in app development is intricate and time intensive. A developer or a team of developers is responsible for a variety of steps that have to be followed for building a functional and user-friendly application. Let’s look at the process now.

The inception of the idea

This is the first step towards web app development. Here, the developers collect data required for the application, determine the use of the app and what problems will it need to solve, basically the role or the goal of the web app. A well-drawn blueprint or idea is better for the developers to come up with the best possible features and skills to be inducted in the application.

That is why is the first and most important part in the development process followed by the main step, which is prototype development.

Prototype development

Here is where all the ideas, imagination and vision comes to life. The first step is to create a prototype to present their vision to the audience. The response from the audience and targeted users comes in the form of feedback or reviews which form the base for designing and development of the app which will incorporate the upgrades to suit the users. Mind you, these upgrades, technologies are added on the bases of the response received from the users.

The next step is the construction of the app. The developers are required to use appropriate front end and back end programming to maintain the functionality and appearance of the app. Frameworks like JavaScript, Angular JS, Node JS and others are deployed to create a sturdy and easy to use apps. Tthey also create user interaction between the server and user.

For the database, it is important to select the ideal data types that will work well with the type of app that is being developed. It increases the efficiency and space required for database storage in the application.


Testing is a crucial step in web app development. The team checks for various standards such as security,performance, versatility, compatibility, etc. While it helps in making sure that the app is meeting all the parameters, it is also helpful in assisting the professional in adding more upgrades and useful features to make the app more functional and efficient.

Launch and maintenance

After going through all the steps, it is finally time to launch the app in the market. But the work doesn’t stop because you have to consciously work on maintaining the working of the app. Constantly adding something new to it, and updating the installed feature enhances the capacity and efficiency of the app which is a must in today’s time and with constant technological evolutions.

How is Web Application Development Necessary for Business?

It is absolutely clear to all that web apps are an absolute need in the financial sector today. Not only from a business perspective but from the customer’s point of view as well. It is important to be aware of the various roles that web apps play in this industry.

They play an important role in terms of connecting the business with its customers. Since apps are run on the internet, there is no need for any download which is excellent for the customers since they can directly access the apps without going through any long process. This ensures high traffic and gives a boost to the business, all the while providing excellent customer service. These apps are constantly being tested and new versions are launched frequently. This enhances their working capacity and users are able to get their tasks done quickly with much more precision.

Various other factors such as 24/7 availability, high security measures, cross-platform access, etc are all essential for a business to run smoothly and compete successfully in today’s highly competitive marketplace.


Today, these are a variety of business strategies being deployed by the cooperations to remain in the marketplace, among them web app development is integral to main connection between a company and its most important assests, that is the users. App development focuses upon the communicating the ideals and ambitions of a company to its users. That is why it is important to invest in app development to insure quality and customer satisfaction. After all, web apps are the face of the financial industry today.



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