What is Hybrid App Development and How are Hybrid apps developed?

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4 min readJun 5, 2023

Application or app development refers to the art of building apps for variou devices and platforms. There is web app development, mobile app development and hybrid app development, each have their own distinct characterstics making them equally important in tech world.

Hybrid App Development is a field which is perhaps most interesting because of its unique functions. Therefore, it is necessary to learn what are Hybrid Apps, and how are they made.

What are the Hybrid Apps?

Joana Almeida defines Hybrid App Development as a “methodology that revolves around building an app with single project using a framework that can target all platforms”.

The developers create one single code base that will be used for an app on all platforms and this makes it much easier to develop than the native apps which makes it a popular choice for the developers.

Hybrid App frameworks

Hybrid apps use many frameworks depending upon the requirements of the developer like Flutter, React Native, Unity and many more which are discussed in detail below.

React Native

It was released by Facebook and is a multiplatform development framework based on React. You can develop multi-user interface elements with JSX which are later linked to local code and transformed to Android or iOS local views.


It is an open source framework by Google that uses its own programming language, Dart to give app to mobile, web plstforms and instilled devices.


Though it is mainly used for game development, it is a hybrid app development framework best suited for entertainment apps. It is one of the most flexible frameworks using which you can develop apps for Linux, Windows, iOS, Web, and Consoles.


Ionic is used to develop mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is easy to use, and sturdy and for the front end it has built in AngularJS making it a much preffered option for front end developers.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps

There are many benefits that come with this form of app development. Mixing technologies allows a developer more freedom to create apps suitable for all platforms and devices.

They are much more affordable than the native apps which is beneficial for any business. Not only on the monetary front but also from the performance point of view they are lightweight, and much more responsive.

Maintenance of codes has always been an issue that many have struggled with but with hybrid apps, a singular back end is able to power all of the apps and can also be updated quickly. This reduces the time and labor that was previously required to create separate back end for each platform that they supported.

Smooth and concurrent user experience is guaranteed in any hybrid app because users will experience same look and services of the brand on all platforms. This improves traffic and enhance the image of a brand.

How are Hybrid Apps developed?

The first step towards developing an app is selecting the right approach, tools, frameworks and technology stack.

Following this is the most crucial step that is development. It involves writing codes for Hybrid app, and it needs a cross platform tool like PhoneGap or Ionic to do this process. It includes UX/UI readiness, structure and function development.

Testing follows next. An app needs to be thoroughly tested before releasing in the market. At this stage the developers focus on erasing erros, adding more refined features and many other things before it is ready to be released.

Maintainance is an integral feature in this process. You need to continously evolve and upgrade the app as time passes by. Releasing new versions, keeping up with latest inventions and trends are all part and parcels Hybrid app development process.


Hybrid App Development has become more popular with advancement in app development. As there are more users who are using multiple devices to browse, it has created a need to develop applications which can be run onm multiplatforms with same performance quality and this is where Hybrid App Development comes into play.

More and more brands and app developers are moving towards this technology to keep up with the trends and requirements of the users. Its multifunctionality, flexibility, and global outreach has pushed it towards the top. You can create your own apps or have a developer to do that for you using Hybrid App development easily.



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