Why choose BigCommerce for your online Store?

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BigCommerce was founded in 2009, growing to be a business of more than 25 billion dollars, with more than 600 employees. It justifies the use of the word “Big” in its title. It is a premium e-commerce site that is used by all kinds of enterprises to set up their online stores and customize them according to their requirements. All kinds of products and services can be sold on this platform.

A major reason for its popularity among businessmen is that it enables them to access the store from anywhere and is a SaaS (Software as a Service) which means that all the tools they need to set up the store are available to them, from themes to layouts, which is beneficial to them. If you are looking to set up your store on Big Commerce, it is required for you to know more about this platform before using it for your future use.

Features of BigCommerce


Store Customization is the practice of editing, and customizing your storefront using the tools and design templates provided in the program. The drop-and-drag visual editing tool is used in BigCommerce to add design and customized elements and the biggest merit is that you do not need to write any codes. This is helpful for beginners and people from non-technical backgrounds which makes it likable and profitable for businesses.


Content is one of the ways through which you can associate with your customers and even invite visiting users into becoming one. That is why it is integral for you to focus on managing the content of the website.

Publishing quality content, and constant updates about newly launched products, events, news, etc helps in connecting with your audience better which in turn enhances brand awareness. BigCommerce has an effective and stable CMS which will help you in promoting your content and raising your rank in the SERPs which is a big boost to your business.

Design Themes

It provides a large number of built-in themes that are open to editing and changes, which means, you have the freedom to let your imagination flow and customize them according to your wish. The themes are developed using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS which is easily learned and even a beginner who knows these can create new themes and design templates on this platform.


Site speed is important for your business to be noticed. Smooth and fast loading speed ensures more traffic and higher ranking. Since BigCommerce is supported by Google AMP, Google Cloud Platform structure, and Akami Manager Built In, you can rest assured that the site speed of your store will be excellent.


BigCommerce supports a lot of cashless payment options like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal, along with other digital wallets that make the checkout process transparent and easier on both the client and seller’s side.

You can operate stores on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, etc because it provides a cross-platform structure. This means that you get to connect with a larger audience and increase sales of your services and products.

Industries using BigCommerce

BigCommerce is very popular in the business world. Many established and large companies use this e-commerce platform to boost their sales and generate revenue and create brand awareness. With many tools and techniques unique to it, BigCommerce offers many packages that businessmen can choose from according to their business plans. Some of the big names that can be found on this platform are-

  • Sony
  • Almanac
  • Casio
  • Game Nerds
  • Dremel

Why is setting up a Store in BigCommerce Beneficial?

BigCommerce has a strong foothold in the business sector because of the many features and benefits that come with this platform. Some of the best advantages you are guaranteed while setting up your store in BigCommerce are as follows.

Easy Usage

It is easy to set up and use. This is especially beneficial for people who are beginners or don’t have a technical background. They can quickly and efficiently set up a fully functional online store with tools and techniques that are provided by the platform without the need for writing any code or downloading additional apps or plugins. As a result, BigCommerce can compete successfully with other e-commerce websites.

Website Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very critical part of online business. Optimization of your store or website can drastically improve your standing in the industry and you get to have many opportunities for increasing your rank in the SERPs. BigCommerce follows the latest SEO practices that help you in optimization, enriching your website with appropriate keywords, and checking for any malicious content that might be a threat to your ranking.

Customer Satisfaction

It provides quality customer service to all the users who visit online stores. It includes a feedback and query forums, 24/7 customer support, a short waiting period, quick checkout and payment services, etc. These factors must be taken into consideration to ensure that your business offers quality customer service.


Since the past few years, BigCommerce has taken up a stable position in e-commerce. It is convenient, efficient, user-friendly, and quick, which is why it is an ideal program for all kinds of businesses. So, if you want to start your online business, BigCommerce is the one for you.



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