Wordpress Plugins: What are they and How to use them?

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Plugin is the software that is added to enhance the functionality of any web browser or website. Wordpress plugin is the software that adds more to the functions of the wordpress site. You can build websites, e-commerce stores, blog sites, directories etc using these plugins. As per records, there are more than 50,000 free plugins and more than 100 premium plugins available in wordpress libraries.

Wordpress has different types of plugins for different tasks. You can use them for things such as maintenance, translation of content in different languages, adding forms or surveys, etc. there are more plugins available for technical tasks such as running A/B tests, scanning for broken links, backup for your site, SEO optimization, etc.

For example: Yoast SEO is the plugin for optimization of your content and WooCommerce for creating your very own online store.

Unmissable WordPress Plugins: Enhance Your Site’s Functionality

There are many plugins available for your use but, there are some which are a must when using wordpress. They are multifunctional and easy to use, enhancing functionality of your site and optimization. Let’s take a look.

Yoast SEO

This plugin is developed for optimization of your content or website. It improves your site’s on-page SEO to increase organic traffic. It also provides suggestions on improving your content. It will appear on all posts and pages you create.

Hubspot wordpress plugin

It is an “all-in-one” plugin which allows you to perform multiple tasks with access to all features available in one location. It is a “drag-and-drop” form builder that lets you create forms on wordpress. Other features include live chat, chatbot builder, pop-up creator etc.

Wordfence Security

It is a popular security solution in Wordpress. It includes an endpoint firewall, sturdy login features, Live Traffic views, malware scanner etc, along with constant updates and additions to the existing features make it a more reliable and widely used security solution.

Monarch plugin

It is a Social Sharing and Social Following plugin which can be used to increase shares and followers on social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc. You can create your own share and follow buttons using this plugin. It also provides you with in depth analysis, latest designs and statistics which helps you in increasing your followers and shares on social media.

Akismet Anti-Spam

It prevents publishing of malicious content on your website. It also scans and filters out comments, forms and other data which might be dubious and look like spam. It has been downloaded more than 82 million times, making it one of the most popular plugins in wordpress.

All in One SEO

It is a complete SEO plugin which can be used for optimization of your content or website. It is used to invite traffic and increase ranking in the SERPs. It allows easy SEO set up such as XML sitemaps, keywords, schema markup etc.

WP Rocket

It is a caching plugin which have features such as cache preloading, unused CSS removal, file execution etc that increase the speed of the website on wordpress. It automatically begins to work once installed and activated which differentiates it from other such plugins.

How do plugins work?

Plugins make it easier for users to add or remove them when necessary without any changes in the primary settings. Wordpress API has given an open platform to the developers to make changes or adjust in the existing features when required.

Plugins which are installed in wordpress are easy to activate and deactivate. You can also store data in the database, but the most integral part is that you can store any kind of data by using wordpress content types, taxonomies and custom fields.

You can download wordpress plugins from the WordPress.org plugin directory or directly from the WordPress admin area. Next, go to Plugins>>Add New and type the name of the function of the desired plugin. After it displays the obtainable plugins, you can just click on the Install Now button. And your plugin is installed and ready to use.

Final words

Wordpress is the biggest CMS platform in the world. There is so much that you can do on this system and WordPress plugins offer you that required help which makes you capable of developing your website or creating content or opening a store or any other thing in a less complicated and more functional way. These plugins come as free plugins and premium plugins.

Along with adding functionality and boosting the performance, many plugins are developed for SEO optimization, security, designing elements, and other technical aspects that are involved in the system. That is why having plugins adds more to your site and brings you one step closer to meet the needs and demands of today’s consumer society. Hence, choose your plugins carefully and enjoy an adventures ride towards your dream!



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